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Shoshannah Frank pouch © Shoshannah Frank
Custom Shoshannah Frank bandana

Our aim is to create the highest quality pieces that will last for billons of years. Proper care is important for continued longevity and luster.

Here are a few tips:

» Be mindful and kind to your jewelry. Wear and tear like banging and dropping can cause weakness over time, especially in rings. Remove jewelry when using chemicals, during heavy sweating and dirty jobs.

» Avoid commercial jewelry cleaning products, they tend to be harsh, especially on jewelry with stones.

» Many of our pieces are oxidized silver and this finish is not a permanent finish. Oxidation will fade over time causing the shiny silver to show through. This change will be different on each person depending on their body chemistry.

» A soft toothbrush with warm soapy water can be used to clean metal pieces.

» The Shoshannah Frank polishing cloth can be used on gold pieces and silver pieces that need a little brightening up.

» Store  jewelry in a dry, organized space. We recommend hanging necklaces when possible to avoid tangling of chains. Store rings, bracelets and earrings in the suede pouch provided using the divider to separate the pieces.

If you have more questions on cleaning or storing of your jewelry email us at hello@shoshannahfrank.com